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Where Women Unlock Their Voice, Wealth And Freedom

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I'm Alyssa

Educator and Coach for creating your best life, owning your voice, and growing your heart-led online business.


I'm the Founder of the coaching brand Voice of Her, an Entrepreneur, Business, Voice & Life Coach, Song Ceremonialist and Holistic Practitioner/ Facilitator.


I've travelled to over 35 countries, manifested my dream man and a life where I can work from anywhere in the world, helping powerful women from all over the globe create freedom from within and step into their true potential.


Are you ready to create your best life? Let's work together!


Grab My Free Voice Empowerment Meditation For Female Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Leaders!

Reclaim your power with this activating meditation that will turn the volume up on your voice in just 5 minutes! It's completely free!

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Get To Know Me...

​Welcome to my extraordinary realm of transformation, where I defy diagnoses and transcend limitations.


I am living proof that the human spirit knows no bounds, and I am here to guide you on an empowering journey of OWNERSHIP.

From battling anxiety, OCD, and depression, I refused to be defined by labels. With unwavering determination, I found my true voice and calling and reclaimed my power.


Now, I'm thrilled to share these transformative tools with you.

In just two years, I turned my dream of empowering women worldwide into a thriving online business (using Instagram only), allowing me to work from anywhere on the globe (with less than 1500 followers by the way). So, I'm passionate about helping you get visible, heard and paid for your wisdom.

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Served Over 500 Plus Souls


Appeared on Stages Worldwide to  Over 100,000 people


Clients from 21+ Plus Countries

Join Me Online

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Voice Of Her Podcast

Join me as I dive deep into topics such as owning your voice, unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit, and cultivating personal fulfillment. Get ready for transformative stories, actionable strategies, and interviews with incredible women who have made their mark in the world.

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Will You Be The Next Success Story?


I have taken big leaps in my life and in my business. I made a decision to walk away from what was holding back and within that same week signed up four new clients to my coaching programme!



- Claire, Women's Holistic & Wellness Coach

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