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From Limitation to Liberation Let's get personal...

At 8 years old I became unwell. Diagnoses: An internal war. 

Diagnosed with anxiety disorder, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, compulsive overeating and depression my childhood was not the norm.


Added to the mix, I was bullied at school by those close to me who didn't want me to shine and shortly after was known for being the quiet girl because the trauma of being bullied impacted my ability to voice.

But let me be clear. This is no victim story.

Throughout this time, I tried different types of therapy but NOTHING seemed to work. I was in and out of hospital appointments with physical ailments due to emotional trauma and stress and despite subscriptions being handed to me very early on, my intuition guided me elsewhere. I was determined to heal myself naturally.

Gifted in the arts, I won scholarships at top drama schools and had a career in theatre as an actor/singer in Londons’ West End and Internationally.  Being on stage was a form of medicine but the truth is the actor's lifestyle didn't cut it for my well-being or my bank account! 


On top of this I felt deeply called to do less pretending and more being, in my authentic power.

When I hit 27, I was done with unhealthy patterns, unresolved trauma, disempowering behaviors, a bad belief system and a messed up nervous system.

One morning I woke up and proclaimed "Enough is enough!"

I deserved more. Life had squeezed me for too long.

So, I decided to dive deep into my personal growth and healing and let go of the old way.


I left acting and surrendered completely. I  said "Universe! Come at me!" .


Completely renewed, I was excited to wake up each day.

Heck, I was a new human!


And with my new human came a new voice...

and with that came my first business and an unchained fempreneur and the call to help others create a life on their terms, reclaim their voice, and live a reality that turns them on and keeps them WELL.

It is my mission to make women be heard in business and create success online so we can thrive together in full voice, authentic expression and financial freedom.

In addition to owning now 3 successful online businesses, and mentoring lovely humans who are making waves in the world, you might find me skateboarding, traveling, singing, dancing and songwriting.

I've traveled to over 30 countries and lived in 8, whilst helping women from all over the world.

I fully intend on staying on the road of liberation and creating my ripple of good and I'm here to help do this too!


"I’m here to help you do this too."

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