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Raise Your Vibration and Let Go of the Baggage So You Can Start Living the Life You Want!

1:1 VIP Coaching- 8 Week Program



Online Container for Women seeking expansion in their spiritual and personal development journey.

Level 1: The Unearthing of You

Level 2: The New Paradigm



8 -week Program for coaches, entreprenuers, business professionals, teachers and souls who feel vocally blocked. 

Are you ready to reclaim your true voice, master communication and share your authentic self with the world?  




The work I have done with Alyssa has been transformational, it is a journey and I am still on board but it has been important for me to do the more intensive experiences of the euphoria programme.

I am a therapist so I believe fully in the verbal expression of emotion from past and present as a way of healing mental and physical ill health, however there were always times this wasn’t enough. For me, I to have done personal therapy but working in a stressful environment during lockdown led me into a full stress reaction both mentally and physically and it was moving my body in yoga and doing relaxation and meditation that helped me, firstly to cope with the current situation and then to become aware of what I was holding in my body by way of blocked emotion from the past.

I came to realise that all my chakras were misaligned due to issues I wasn’t addressing in most, if not all of my relationships and areas of life such as unhappiness in work and feeling overwhelmed with everything else, such as feeling I wasn’t giving enough to anyone else. Alyssa helped me to see I wasn’t giving enough to myself and that fundamentally that had to change before I could ever feel like I could be enough for anyone else. This helped me to see that it was because of never having been given enough space in my own childhood to express my emotions that I had internalised the belief that others should come first or were always the priority, leaving me feeling empty inside and lost.

Joining Alyssa helped me feel a sense of belonging to a group again and gave me a sense of being accepted by others and therefore acceptable. While the change had to come from within there is a power that comes from others believing in you and them saying ‘Charlotte you are enough’.

Alyssa has helped me to see that for the full processing of trauma to occur movement and body work are essential components of the overall recovery journey and this will help me now to guide others in the right direction when blocks arise in talking therapy. It has also helped me to see that in order to prevent a stress reaction from recurring, I have to do regular work on unblocking emotion, still trapped in my body from years of suppressing my emotions as a child and work on the free expression of emotion to prevent this build up from happening again.

This requires regular journaling, movement and meditation. Yoga is much more than flexibility and posture it is about mind and body moving out of stress, into a state where everything can be felt and therefore faced, without a fear of it being overwhelming.

It changes lives, so give yourself this chance, Alyssa is so compassionate and shows no judgement what so ever, but offers total acceptance of you for all that you are and this and her personality is what carries you through the pain you may feel and opens up the possibility of real change occurring from within you, at your inner most core.


Sophie N

A few months ago, I was lost, surrounded by dark clouds, with no true purpose and no life satisfaction. I was just existing.

But one day, during one of Lys's yoga classes, I felt a powerful connection.  My heart was lifted by the melody of her singing and my soul was touched by the loving energy emerging.  Something woke up inside me.  I took it as my calling, my turning point, the chance to stop existing and start living my life!

So I became a member of the Self Collective community.

Ly's has created such an amazing virtual space.  All the tools I needed were at my disposal 24/7. I was hooked, I could not get enough and I still can't.  So through the workshops, the reading, the meditation, the yoga classes, the podcasts, the playlists, the general recommendations:

I rediscovered Inner Love and started to love myself again, I acknowledged that I had everything in me to be happy, to be free, and to reach my full potential, I learned to let go of my negative feelings and to surrender to the loving energy,

I kept an open mind and put my trust in the Universe, I dug deep to find my power, the power of the NOW, the power of I AM. I became eager to learn and to grow even more, so I embarked on the Power of You, a series of personalized one to one sessions with Lys. During one of the workshops I had a Eureka moment, it all suddenly made sense to me and I realized what my purpose was.  I have always been passionate about healthy eating, nutrition, sports, and holistic therapies. So I have decided to go back to college to train to become a nutritionist and two days ago I registered at a college in Birmingham and I start on the 1st of January.

It is never too late or you are never too old to follow your calling, your dream, your passion.  Just take the jump.

My life has become so exciting, so easy flowing, so full of happy moments and encounters and I know this is only the beginning!

I am going to keep learning, I am going to keep growing,  I am going to keep sharing and I am going to keep giving because there is no limit to the LOVING energy of the Universe.

Lys, my heart is filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude for you, your work, your knowledge, your creativity, your mentoring, your singing, and being who YOU ARE.

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.  You are AMAZING.



My heart is filled with LOVE, APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE for YOU, for my POWER OF ME program, for YOUR WORK, for YOUR KNOWLEDGE, for YOUR MENTORING, for SHARING YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES with me and for just BEING YOU.

I am blown away by how much during our sessions I have reconnected with myself, by opening up to you it has revived the importance of trust.  Trust in MYSELF, Trust in the UNIVERSE and what lies ahead. 

 Feeling the FREEDOM, feeling the POWER OF ME, feeling the LOVING ENERGY, feeling the INNER LOVE, feeling my DESTINY to serve HUMANITY AWAITS and it is time to GO FOR IT.....

I am so grateful to YOU Alyssa and your LOVING ENERGY. Thank you. Things are moving pretty fast! 

SO I am sending you three enormous THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

You are AMAZING!



Karen M

I was at rock bottom before I started my program with Alyssa. In the first week, everything turned. I was able to shift my perception and become less reactive to the things in my life that have always bothered me. I was holding onto so much from so long ago and now I have had a huge release. I am finding more calm and peace and because of this, I am able to be better for my family. 

Alyssa's energy is magnetic, her understanding and care has been unreal and her knowledge is so vast. I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for her. Thank you, Lys!