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Three Women


Your High Vibrational - Monthly Membership & Tribe


A Place For You To Manage Your Vibration and Energy, Regulate Your Nervous System, Get Connected and Tap Into Your Full Potential.

This Is For You If...

  • You are looking for self-care, love and personal growth.

  • You are looking to deepen spirituality and consciousness.

  • You feel called to meditation or yoga practice or you want to deepen practice in both.

  • You'd like to deepen the relationship you have with yourself and heal within.

  • You are ready to regulate your nervous system and move out of survival mode!

  • Your soul is searching for more and you want to know what to read, how to embody, where to learn, which tools and resources to use.

  • You want to learn to emotionally regulate and relax your nervous system.

  • You are headed towards burnout, neglecting YOU TIME.

  • You feel depleted and can't make things happen for yourself.

  • You've read all the self-help books but you can't put them to practice.

  • You feel disconnected like you've lost your light and you are ready to shine again!

What's Included

Membership Features

1 Live Monthly Coaching

Unlimited Access to the Online Members Space...

Enlightening Workshops- Wellbeing and Soul Topics
Guided Meditations
 Powerful Music/ Healing Mantra with Alyssa
 300+ Yoga/Somatic Classes
HIIT Exercise Classes
Safe and supportive Community
Recommendations and Resources-
brands, documentaries, books, people, podcasts and much more.

Supporting the Whole Human...












Self-Care &

Books and Products

Yoga and



Nervous System Regulation


Why vibe in this tribe?

DFP_AM 1001 M.jpg

If there was one thing I was searching for my entire life it was my tribe of like-minded and supportive souls.

Community is a healing modality which is why I offer it to my clients within my programs.

To know you are not alone in bettering, growing and healing is most empowering.

In spaces like this, we get safety, support and energy alike.

I am an introvert. I cultivate energy being on my own but I know I also need people in my life.

It's all about balance.

Why Join?

What's your most valuable asset? Nope, it's not your car, your home, or the cute gold necklace you got last year... it's YOU! This is an investment in YOU. We invest in materialistic things all the time and I believe we are SO WORTHY of investing just £1.77 a day on our wellbeing and growth.

This is a pathway to longevity, top health, high vibration and personal expansion.

It is YOUR  TIME to look after yourself.

What People Say...

Johanna Simmons

 " I have come back with a big smile on my face. Your voice is simply sensational and I really enjoy your practice! I have MS and my body is completely numb but somehow with the vibrations and all the lovely exercises, warming up the heart, I felt it was all connected again."

Chris Betts

"I love Alyssa's yoga sessions! I always feel envigourated and yet totally relaxed after each session. Her sessions suit all levels - I'm not a yogi expert but it doesn't matter at all, Alyssa ensures no-one feels intimidated if they can't do any moves. I really enjoy her singing mantras in the sessions too. I thoroughly recommend The Self Collective, it's great having a mix of yoga sessions to choose from and a live session each week. The variety on offer, apart from yoga, in VIBE is great- it really makes you stop and think about you for a change. I now do so much more yoga than I did as a gym member as it gives me the flexibility to fit it in to suit me in the comfort of my own home- our pets like to join in too so we have yoga, doga and coga sessions. Alyssa is calming, friendly, positive and genuine which makes the yoga sessions feel special and personal. Looking forward to the next self collective update and added extras during each month."

Sue Mack

"Wow! I am loving my time inside! It's great to be able to do Alyssa's sessions when I want and her workshops have been an enlightening experience for me. I absolutely love the Recommendations area. Being part of this has certainly encouraged me to check in with ME and love my own time. Just what I needed!"

Ella Carr

"Amazing membership! There is so much detail and love put into this, and everything from the yoga classes and meditation to the recommendations and HIIT workouts are so useful. Alyssa is a great teacher and this space is a brilliant home for Yogi’s of any level, or anyone who would like to incorporate some me-time into their daily schedule!"

Megha Govil

"Amazing, amazing, amazing !!

Completely enjoyed every minute of yoga and relaxation with Alyssa from day one. I definitely recommend signing up for the membership. It has all the content you need to practise everyday from workout in combination with yoga..anytime any day! There is so much to it to learn from and definitely from the best. Alyssa is very calm and very warm person. I personally enjoy my live sessions which are so relaxing and comfortable. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro at yoga, this is the place for you."


Sophie. N

From my first yoga class with you as my teacher I felt connected to the music you were playing in the background.  I remember feeling good vibes and a feeling of awakening within myself.  Those feelings deepened when I heard you sing for the first time.  Your voice is so pure, it comes from your heart, soul and it is beautiful.  

Last night, I sat somewhere comfortable, put my earphones on and listened to The Spiritual Journey meditation .

I was blown away by how suddenly it all made sense. I have been looking at the outside world to give me love, to protect and to guide me when all along the answer has been within me!

Thank you Alyssa for providing us with such an array of information, knowledge and beautiful music. Thank you for giving me all the tools I ever needed.


Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you are not tied into a contract, so if you want to leave your monthly membership, just email 7 days before your next payment due. However, we think you’ll love it so much, you’ll want to stay put! If you leave as a member, you will lose access to the membership site , all sessions and workshops.

Do you offer refunds?

If after joining Vibe on our monthly subscription, you wish to make changes to your subscription please contact for more info. Cancellation of membership must be submitted 7 days before your next payment is due. 

I am quite busy with work and parenting, will I miss any content?
Nope! This isn’t a fixed program, so there’s no pressure to keep up or follow steps as such.  It;s a space where you can take everything at your own pace and work through any module at one time and in your own time. The Vibe is like a new hobby. It's your new act of self-care and your new way to spend time with your self.  Time to tune into you.

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