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Confident Woman

The power of you



Yes to YOU!

I am celebrating you today and so should you! You have taken the first step to heal and transform your life!  You are about to go on a journey of healing and transformation, you are about to tap into your power. The fact that you've invested in yourself is the biggest sign that you are ready. 

You have joined me here for a reason and I am so excited to guide you on this journey! Before we begin I want you to sit down and take a moment to...

  • Clarify why you are here and what you want to gain from this course.

  • Set an intention for the journey. 

  • Celebrate the fact that you have invested in yourself and taken the first step to living FULLY!

  • Know that you are worthy of  FINDING YOUR POWER

  • Everything is temporary. When you feel struggle just say -"This too shall pass."

  • No that the power is you, you MUST believe that you can change and heal!


 I also suggest you invest in a journal for this course. There is plenty here that you'll want to write down.

I am so excited for you, let's begin!

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