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Activate Your Voice with Alyssa


Singing releases endorphins that make us feel happy! 


Whatever age and ability we could all do with releasing some happy hormones and activating our throat chakra. Maybe you've always wanted to learn to sing because you just love it or maybe you are a committed performer and want to work on delivery? Perhaps you've got a big audition or performance coming up and you don't know where to start? Perhaps you are someone who feels vocally blocked and you are ready to reclaim your vocal freedom?


Free and explore your voice with someone who knows the voice like the back of her hand. That's me! I have been singing for over 20 years. I worked in Theatre (you can read more about me below) for several years playing leading roles in London's West End and Internationally and now sing and create my own music within the holistic world. I was mentored by some of the world's top vocal coaches and have been teaching for 11 years helping many go onto Performing Colleges, Drama School and nailing those big auditions and performances.

In sessions, I share my tips, experience, knowledge and top secrets of having a flexible, connected, liberated and healthy voice!  I am here to help you find vocal freedom and authentic expression, boost your confidence, enjoy your voice, release any vocal blocks and touch hearts with your storytelling.  After all, that's what singing is... storytelling. 

What We Focus On...


-Song choice-

-Throat Chakra Release-



-Connection and Story-



-Audition technique-


-Fun and enjoyment!-



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Want to use singing as a tool for healing and opening your throat chakra? You can join a 6-week singing course with Lys designed to help you release the vocal block!
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VIP 8-Week Program for coaches, entrenuers, business professionals, teachers and souls who feel vocally blocked. 

Are you ready to reclaim your true voice and share it with the world?

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Your Coach...

Alyssa is a professional singer and has played leading roles in theatre in the West End and Internationally. Shows include (London and International): It Happened In Key West (Original Elena), Footloose (Lori), Grease (Marty), The Mikado, West Side Story (Maria), Clockmaker's Daughter- (Original Amelia), Cage Birds and West End Men with Kerry Ellis and Lee Mead. Alyssa also worked on Cruiseships Internationally as lead vocalist.

Alyssa still gigs here and there but her main passion lies in creating healing music for her online community and holistic events.

Alyssa has been trained by some of the world's top vocal coaches and has learnt many techniques and styles over 22 years of singing. She began her singing journey at 7 years old. She was taught in classical style, musical theatre, and pop/rock.


At just 18 she won Scholarships at Arts Ed and GSA, proceeding to train at GSA, she graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre. Versatility has always been the key thing for Alyssa. She enjoyed a good variety of roles in her career in theatre because of all the different teachings she experienced over time.


Alyssa’s sessions will see you grow in confidence, gain knowledge, have fun, feel good, and learn how to sing correctly. These sessions are pure gold and are for all levels. Alyssa’s students range from ex-pro singers, sound healers, choir singers, drama school students, college students wanting to get into Drama School, College, Secondary School, and Primary School students.

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"Alyssa is an amazing coach! My voice has improved tremendously and I get so much more than just singing with Alyssa. She has this incredible vibrant energy that is contagious and her level of knowledge is outstanding. Every session leaves me feeling happy! Truly love my sessions with you. Thank you Alyssa!"


"So grateful for Alyssa's teachings. I have used her tips for every audition and without them, I don't know how I would have got through. She gives so much useful and voice changing advice that any other teacher I have had doesn't compare. You are awesome! Thank you!

Suzi Carr

"Alyssa is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. My daughters singing confidence over the past 10 months has grown immensely, she works hard with the breathing and vocal training exercises Alyssa has taught her and has found a real love for singing now. Thank you so much Alyssa for all your patience and hard work."

Avril Wilson

"Absolutely recommend Alyssa. My daughter had amazing lessons with her and the improvement in her vocals was astounding. Her confidence improved as did her love of singing.Alyssa is a very patient and caring teacher. She explains everything with great clarity and makes the lessons fun. Thanks Alyssa!"