The Singing Soul Academy 

Be coached by Alyssa weekly and have unlimited access to the Singer's Zone where you will find tips, exercises and information on how the voice works!

Alyssa runs 6-week courses and takes on only a maximum of 25 students so that she can give full attention to each voice and get to know each soul. 

Classes run online on zoom or facebook messenger.


"Alyssa is an amazing coach! My voice has improved tremendously and I get so much more than just singing with Alyssa. She has this incredible vibrant energy that is contagious and her level of knowledge is outstanding. Every session leaves me feeling happy! Truly love my sessions with you. Thank you Alyssa!"


"So grateful for Alyssa's teachings. I have used her tips for every audition and without them, I don't know how I would have got through. She gives so much useful and voice changing advice that any other teacher I have had doesn't compare. You are awesome! Thank you!

Suzi Carr

"Alyssa is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. My daughters singing confidence over the past 10 months has grown immensely, she works hard with the breathing and vocal training exercises Alyssa has taught her and has found a real love for singing now. Thank you so much Alyssa for all your patience and hard work."

Avril Wilson

"Absolutely recommend Alyssa. My daughter had amazing lessons with her and the improvement in her vocals was astounding. Her confidence improved as did her love of singing.Alyssa is a very patient and caring teacher. She explains everything with great clarity and makes the lessons fun. Thanks Alyssa!"