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You received Vinyasa Yoga (also called flow yoga or power yoga) because you are wanting to get your heart rate up and sweat a little bit, let go of your thoughts and just move in different ways. If you would like to experience Vinyasa Yoga then find a space, get your yoga gear on, roll your mat out and click my class below!

Hey there!

I'm Alyssa Martyn


Yoga and Meditation Coach, Wellness and Spiritual Mentor, Professional Singer, Singing Coach, and Laughing Soul. 

I help people grow and connect mentally, physically, and spiritually. I work with clients from all angles. Some look to improve well-being, deepen their yoga practice and meditation, find a connection to their being and others seek empowerment, knowledge, self-discovery, and spiritual enlightenment.

In addition to Wellness, I also teach singing loving humans (children and adults) to find and free their voices.

Be it Yogi, Singer, or Human in search for more, my method is to teach people to TUNE INTO their SELF and find what works for them. 

"Knowledge Is A Pathway To Growth And Practice Is A Direction To Mastery."


A virtual membership for the SELF. Grow, heal and let go of unwanted baggage. Community, guidance, self-development, wellness/ holistic workshops, Yoga, Meditation, music, exercise, resources and much more.


121 guidance and support using Mindful Therapy, Intuitive living and NLP.

Courses for Young girls and Women.

 (See details for more info).


Learn the secrets of your voice with Professional West End Actress and Singer Alyssa Martyn.  121 coaching in technique and performance, grow in confidence and release those happy hormones! 

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