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This course will have you reclaim your POWER and energy for complete transformation and total EMPOWERMENT.  

Maybe you have a goal you want to achieve or you feel stuck and limited in your journey, perhaps you're struggling to overcome obstacles or fears that are holding you back, or maybe you feel low, hopeless, and disconnected in all or some areas of your life- work, health, and relationships...

Enough is enough! That's what I said the day I decided to change my life.  

It's time to unleash your power, to tap into your own resources so that you can find a deep love for yourself and life, live more purposefully, feel happier and healthy, feel connected, whole AND achieve your goals.

Are you ready?


Who I Work With:

Professional Women and busy Mums aged 35 and over. 

You are ready for change, ready to invest time into yourself, fed up of making excuses, open spiritually, and you know that staying where you are right now is not an option.

The Steps:

Breaking Limiting Beliefs, Getting the Relationship you have with yourself right!

Your Story and Your Why

Authentic Being and Intuitive Living

Trauma Release

Breaking Old Habits and Disempowering Thoughts in order to Achieve more

Healing Stress, Anxiety or General Baggage

Self- Regulation

Self- Leadership- Become Your Own Motivator

Program Includes:

Full access to The Self Collective Online Membership - Join the Community and have unlimited access to life-changing tools and practices in yoga and meditation.

1 on 1 Coaching Call with Alyssa 3 Weekly 60 mins


My Qualifications and Methods...

Certified Mindfulness Coach, Intuitive Living Coach, NLP Coach, Voice Coach and Performance Coach.

Certified Multi-Style Yoga and Meditation Teacher (E-RYT Yoga Alliance- Rishikesh, India), Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark, Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Yoga for Traumatic Stress, Resiliency and Healing, Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Over 11 years working with children and adults and a whole lot of life experience in dealing with poor mental health, using all of these modalities to heal myself and grow my soul, finding inner peace, calm, and connection to my most authentic self. 


Karen M

I was at rock bottom before I started my program with Alyssa. In the first week, everything turned. I was able to shift my perception and become less reactive to the things in my life that have always bothered me. I was holding onto so much from so long ago and now I have had a huge release. I am finding more calm and peace and because of this, I am able to be better for my family. 

Alyssa's energy is magnetic, her understanding and care has been unreal and her knowledge is so vast. I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for her. Thank you, Lys! 


Sophie N

A few months ago, I was lost, surrounded by dark clouds, with no true purpose and no life satisfaction. I was just existing.

But one day, during one of Lys's yoga classes, I felt a powerful connection.  My heart was lifted by the melody of her singing and my soul was touched by the loving energy emerging.  Something woke up inside me.  I took it as my calling, my turning point, the chance to stop existing and start living my life!

So I became a member of the Self Collective community.

Ly's has created such an amazing virtual space.  All the tools I needed were at my disposal 24/7. I was hooked, I could not get enough and I still can't.  So through the workshops, the reading, the meditation, the yoga classes, the podcasts, the playlists, the general recommendations:

I rediscovered Inner Love and started to love myself again, I acknowledged that I had everything in me to be happy, to be free, and to reach my full potential, I learned to let go of my negative feelings and to surrender to the loving energy,

I kept an open mind and put my trust in the Universe, I dug deep to find my power, the power of the NOW, the power of I AM. I became eager to learn and to grow even more, so I embarked on the Power of You, a series of personalized one to one sessions with Lys. During one of the workshops I had a Eureka moment, it all suddenly made sense to me and I realized what my purpose was.  I have always been passionate about healthy eating, nutrition, sports, and holistic therapies. So I have decided to go back to college to train to become a nutritionist and two days ago I registered at a college in Birmingham and I start on the 1st of January.

It is never too late or you are never too old to follow your calling, your dream, your passion.  Just take the jump.

My life has become so exciting, so easy flowing, so full of happy moments and encounters and I know this is only the beginning!

I am going to keep learning, I am going to keep growing,  I am going to keep sharing and I am going to keep giving because there is no limit to the LOVING energy of the Universe.

Lys, my heart is filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude for you, your work, your knowledge, your creativity, your mentoring, your singing, and being who YOU ARE.

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.  You are AMAZING.

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