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Online Courses

All course materials are located inside this website. Every course has its own virtual space that you receive unlimited access to. 

Upon purchasing a course you will be directed to create an account. Once the account is created and payment is complete you will receive an email from us with your access link. Please check your spam/promotions if you do not see one come through. Any problems please contact

Feeling frustrated when it comes to communicating, be it with strangers, at work, or with people you know?

Maybe you find it hard to fully express yourself and your truth or maybe you don't feel heard. 

Your Throat Chakra is blocked!
This is a short course on how to unblock your Throat Chakra, free up your ability to communicate and express yourself.

Having worked as a Professional Actress and Singer before becoming a Holistic Coach Alyssa has a unique approach and integrates all modalities in order to help people find and free their voice. She works with singers,  actors, teachers, leaders, and yogis.

What's Included?


Discover where the real block is...

This short course is a starting point that will help you connect and start releasing your throat chakra so you can speak more confidently and improve your communications.

  • Guidance on how to release your throat chakra

  • Vocal Exercises

  • Energy Release Activities

  • Journalling Prompts

  • Sound healing (note G for throat chakra activation)

  • How to Balance your Chakras workshop 

  • Chanting Material for throat chakra release

  • Confidence Meditation

Closeup of sick woman having sore throat
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