TheThree-Part Meditation Series

Let Go, Expand And Ascend Through These Healing Guided Meditations

It's time to relax your nervous system and tap into the depth of your soul. 

Notice your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and then let them go. Empower yourself by stepping into new energy, 

Letting GoAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 10:39

Journey into your peaceful space, escape and find the beauty in simplicity. This meditation can be done anywhere just close your eyes, find stillness and let your soul be guided.

Mindfulness MeditationAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 19:17

Step into a sacred space and arrive in your soul.

Spritual JourneyAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 14:20
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202103177845323751913931499 (1).jpg

Thank you for joining me.

I am a Coach, Mentor and Healer and I facilitate the transformation and healing journey for women.

I help women heal and improve mood so they can ENERGETICALLY RISE, so they can THRIVE, show up fully for their loved ones and work-life, AND get on the path to achieving their personal goals WITHOUT feeling depleted. The women I work with learn tools that enable them to step into their truth and become resilient so they can thrive in life and get life satisfaction.