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Vocal Release and Authentic Communication

Unblock your Throat Chakra, Free your Voice and Rebalance your Nervous System

Our throat is one of our most used chakra's. It activates in our childhood and is our way of communicating to the world.  Many people can feel energetically blocked in this area for a number of reasons linked to trauma, tension, and trapped emotions. 


Doing this work to unblock your throat chakra will mean you can get the energy flowing and effectively communicate your truth and enjoy expressing it!

Singing and vocal practice also activates the vagus nerve and rebalances the nervous system so its an effective practice in releasing trauma.

Journaling and Reflection

Trauma affects our ability to communicate. So I want you to journal or mentally reflect on what your trauma is.



 We all have trauma and some of us can recognize it easily, for many of us it gets forgotten but the body never forgets.

 The key is to work through trauma and let it go because trauma is what causes blockages in our energy flow. This holds us back. 

So reflecting on your past, recognize if there is trauma that might be linked to why you feel blocked in communication. 

An example of this might be that you were bullied and so ever since a child you've been afraid to speak out incase people would hurt you. 

When reflecting simply write these traumas down. 

Get Present and Release

Plant your feet down below your hips. 

Release your arms down the side of the body.

Stand tall and strong.

Tip your head up.

Take a deep breath in.




 I want you to do is affirm yourself.

Every day I want to wake up and take 10 minutes to visualize the confident, open, free communicator that you are. And to close the visualization I want you to end by repeating 3 times this affirmation.

I am an excellent communicator

 I am confident and I love my voice

I am able to speak my truth every day

I am present when commincating



Monitor your gossiping.


Gossiping is linked to throat chakra block, gossiping isn’t positive energy, it’s a negative one because it involved us putting our energy out. The saying- don’t say anything about anyone unless it's kind?

That’s basically what this refers to. You should be putting your energy into you and the situation that’s infront of you.

Songs for Activation...

Mantra's for the Vishudha

Sing along with me

I bow to all that isAlyssa Martyn
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Sound Healing, Singing Bowl Note G (Throat Chakra Note)

Keep your practices going and remember if you don't use it, you'll lose it!

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