Local Classes with Alyssa


Church Lawford, (Rugby, Warwickshire)

Multi-Style Yoga for Wellbeing
Easy Yoga
All style Yoga from Yang, Yin, Hatha, Dynamic, Restorative and Flow
Tuesdays 7.45 pm-8.45 pm


Overslade, Rugby

Holistic Practices for Energy Management
Wednesdays 6.20pm- 7.20pm 

Church Lawford

Holistic Practices for Energy Management
Thursdays 7.30 pm-8.30 pm


Holistic Practices For Energy Management-
Class Description

Alyssa is trained in a series of modalities from EFT, TFT, Breathwork, NLP, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Movement, Trauma, Voice and more...
This class is designed to upgrade your wellbeing and bring calm into your life.
In this course, we cover a range of techniques, tools and exercises, tools that you can take away and use for life!

Each week varies, you will learn and experience the power of mindfulness practice, meditation, somatic movement, easy yoga, trauma release, breathwork, emotional freedom tapping, energy medicine, psychology, spirituality and intuitive bodywork.

These practices are for everyone.

Learning these tools help you to become a more EMBODIED, calmer, happier and more connected version of yourself, able to cope better when obstacles occur and thrive when things are flowing nicely.

This course addresses your nervous system which impacts your whole life!

6-week block booking  class £60
To book email hello@alyssamartyn.com


Yoga with Alyssa- Class Description

Alyssa trained in Rishikesh India, the birthplace of Yoga. She is qualified in Multi Style - Vinyasa, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation. Alyssa is a certified Yin Teacher having trained with Bernie Clark and has undertaken several other yoga courses, some include Traumatic Stress, Resiliency, and Healing with Yoga and Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, 

Alyssa's classes are unique and vary each week.  Her yoga sessions are for wellness, spiritual growth, and connectivity. The focus is on mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra, and sound healing.

Alyssa is all about upgrading wellbeing, healing, and making time for self-care. and connection. 

Styles covered: Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Dynamic Yoga, Yin, Hatha and Slow Flow.

All levels are welcome. If you are a beginner fear not! Alyssa's message is that yoga is accessible for all bodies.

What People Say...

Johanna Simmons 

" I have come back with a big smile on my face. Your voice is simply sensational and I really enjoy your practice! I have MS and my body is completely numb but somehow with the vibrations and all the lovely exercises, warming up the heart, I felt it was all connected again."

Gemma Chapman

"As a total beginner I was a little nervous but felt at ease very quickly. Alyssa is very knowledgeable and encouraging and clearly loves what she does."

Chris Betts

"I love Alyssa's yoga sessions! I always feel envigourated and yet totally relaxed after each session. Her sessions suit all levels - I'm not a yogi expert but it doesn't matter at all, Alyssa ensures no- one feels intimidated if they can't do any moves. I really enjoy her singing mantras in the sessions too."

Emma Barrett

"I recently started yoga lessons with Alyssa and throughly enjoy her classes every week. Alyssa has a very calming and gentle manner and I always come away feeling very relaxed . Each week is slightly different which keeps it interesting and varied . I can highly receommend Alyssa."


" A brilliant instructor with such a positive vibe! Everyone smiling and I came away feeling fantastic! "

Steph White

" I have fibromyalgia and these sessions have been a godsend- mentally and physically. An amazing teacher. Thank you Alyssa! "

Jo Squire

"I love my sessions with Alyssa. she is such good fun and her energy levels are inspiring. A delightful lady with a genuine love for helping people."