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Terms and Conditions for "Sing with Alyssa" From July 2020


Hello and welcome to “Sing with Alyssa”!

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to guiding you on your vocal journey!

Before we begin please read my policies. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.


Class Structure

Online Sessions 30/60 mins - Student will need two devices. One to play track from and the other to work with me on. Student will be in control of the backing track usually via Youtube. Students can link a speaker to their device in order to boost backing track if needed though most students don’t need to do this.

Good internet connection is a must. 😊

Lessons take place on (which can be downloaded on any device) or Facebook messenger.

If any tech problems occur throughout, we will make up this time.

The Singers area for practice outside of session is found here at

You are also sent this through messenger or email, please keep the link safe and accessible.


Payments and Securing Slots


Sing with Alyssa Offerings:

. Trial Session-one off payment before session- 30 mins

. 5 week course block booking- weekly sessions 30 mins each with access to Singer’s Zone

. Coming Soon- The Singing Soul Academy Online Membership – Weekly Sessions and Online Space with Monthly Tutorials, Modules and Facebook Community for Singer’s to connect and post progress. – Can also join this membership without 121 sessions.

. One Off Session for Auditions/Singing- 60 minutes

For 5 week course/ one off session/trial session payment is by bacs.

For Online Membership- Sign up is through website. This can be cancelled anytime. You must contact atleast 7 days before next payment is due.

Students/ Guardians will receive reminders for payments via email/message. Payment should be in on date requested by Alyssa and be referenced – (“name of student SINGING).

This set up is the only way to secure your slot. Students are signing up to weekly practice, so these policies are to also encourage that commitment.

I get enquiries regularly so it's important for me to secure students in a slot, so I know what slots are free for new enquiries.

There is always a possibility that I will need to alter slots and if so, I will communicate this with you. If student needs to change a slot please let me know.

Communication is key 😊

Holiday Policy

It is so important to me to be able to give every student my best, so as of May 2020 I set a maximum of 25 students to work one on one with. This is so I can give the right focus and support to each singer. Having a maximum number of students that I work with makes it important for me to secure each slot so that when I get new enquiries I know what is available and whether they need to go on my wait list.  Due to this please see absence and holiday policies below.

Please note when reading below- Weekly students have 4 sessions HOLIDAY PASSES.

HOLIDAY PASS- This is a non -chargeable session that can be used when a student is on holiday.

When a student joins, the date of their first lesson is noted and the 4 HOLIDAY PASSES are available for the year. Once a new year begins the HOLIDAY PASS system is renewed.

There are a maximum of 4 sessions of holiday a year that are non-chargeable providing a months’ notice is given , any less than the months’ notice you will be charged full rate.

In addition to the 4 sessions HOLIDAY PASS there are some holidays that I close my services e.g. Christmas so there are a few more weeks free for holiday, taking these into account and these times you won't be charged.

If a student needs leave beyond 4 weeks for e.g. summer holiday there are 3 options:

You can use some of the HOLIDAY PASS for e.g.  on 2 sessions and then the extra 2 sessions missed are paid until students return in order to hold the spot.



You can use all the HOLIDAYS PASSES (4). This would mean there would be no other time of the year to use holiday sessions.


Student takes option to leave however there will be no guarantee the spot will still be available on return.


If there is an absence, then unfortunately there is no refund as my services are still available and the slot is booked for the month.  There is always a chance to try to rearrange the session for another day that week likewise if something pops up last minute like illness but if this can't be arranged unfortunately there is no refund.

If there is ever a last minute absence please let me know.

Please note if ever I am unable to do a lesson then that payment will be transferred to the next 5 weeks. You won't be charged for my absence.

Social Media

Social Media is my main way to promote students and often I love to share their work so please do send your consent via messenger 07845897829 email for your child’s or your own media/pictures to be put up on my platforms.

The platforms I use are below:

Facebook- Alyssa Martyn, Sing with Alyssa, The Endorphin Club.

Instagram- @alyssinger @lysmartyn

My website-


Copyright of Materials

On your vocal journey with me you have access to the Singer’s Zone on my website. Please do not share the material here, my videos are under Alyssa Martyn (copyright) and must not be shared beyond your own use.


Students Practice

It is recommended that students practice 3 to 4 times a week even if just for 5 minutes. 30 minutes a week is so little, and the vocal cords are a muscle that need training just like strength training at the gym, so practise makes all the difference!

I also recommend students to warm their voice up before the lesson begins as this can give us more time to focus on other exercises and songs in session.


Policies are something I have to put in place as "Sing with Alyssa" has grown I have to turn down other potential students /jobs around my current students as they are priority. In addition to this, singing is just like any other instrument, it needs commitment and regular practise.

Policies aside it's important to me that the student is committed but also sings for the pure enjoyment of it. No student should feel tied down to singing lessons.

Singing releases happy hormones and helps growth in confidence and character. Improving technique and knowledge is important but remember we sing because we love it!

If you decide singing lessons are no longer for you please give me 2 weeks notice. It is recommended you do this before a new payment as once payment is taken for the 5 weeks I am not able to refund the slot that has been booked.

Let me know if you have any questions!

My email is

Thank you,

Alyssa Martyn

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