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Own Your Voice

VIP 8- week program for active or aspiring coaches, space holders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business professionals and souls who feel vocally blocked. 


For women ready to find their authentic voice and manifest a life they are worth in love, health, contribution and wealth. 2-1.jpg

Vibrational Hacking

Become a Vibrational Hacker and Manifest Your Most Epic Life!

The Most Powerful Guide for Mastering Your Vibration and Point of Attraction.

Holistic Medicine For Energy & Emotional Management

8- week program that takes you through the most powerful Holistic techniques, tools, and exercises for emotional/energy management.

This program is for all souls looking to be in control of their energy and emotions so they can experience better health, immunity, joy, and fulfillment.

No more overwhelm, reactivity and stuckness!

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Formidable Female

Become confident and capable

A 12-week container for women who are ready to feel truly empowered, and confident and drive their life forward both personally and professionally.

IMG_4247-01 (3).jpg

The Ka-JING Method

9- Week Self-Study Program  

Raise Your Vibration, Reclaim Your Essence and Create A Life You Are Worth.

Healing at the root, rewiring those sub-conscious blocks and reclaiming yourself.

No More Depletion!




An online self-paced program for Women seeking expansion in their spiritual and personal development journey.

Level 1: The Unearthing of You

Level 2: The New Paradigm

Over 20 modules

Final live round takes place in 2023


True Love

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Real Self-Love.

A 6-week self-study online program

Bespoke Mentorship & Coaching

 VIP  Journey

A bespoke package working closely with Alyssa to embody ultimate transformation, evolution and change.

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