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The Power of You


Welcome to your personal space! 

If you click any of the above and you lose this page just go back to the link I sent you in email or simply open up your membership in another browser.

Some things to always have in mind...

. What is your goal? Your intention in doing this work, what do you want to feel?

  • Set a clear ntention for the journey. 

  • Celebrate the fact that you have invested in yourself and taken the first step to find your POWER!

  • Everything is an experience and to benefit you must allow yourself to be fully present and relish in it.

  • Know that you are worthy of this time for YOU.

  • Everything is temporary. When you feel struggle just say -"This too shall pass."

  • Let go of expectations and  BE EASY ON YOURSELF, in this work there is no room for judgments, assumptions or expectatons.

  • Remember your INNER WORLD shapes your OUTER WORLD, not the other way around. This means you are the creator of your life! 



Recommendations for you! - click for more info and purchasing

Own Yourself- Kelly Brogan

Feel to Heal-Giten Tonkov

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself


Daily Exercises...

Your first affirmation: 

Sit down, close your eyes (you can even do this at the end of your yoga practice) Visualise or say the below statement.

"I forgive my body, my body is capable and I love my body".

You can repeat this every day and use other affirmations from your list or any that you write yourself.

Meditate upon waking up...

Your brain is shifting frequencies in the morning so it's a great time to meditate. Each morning just take 10 minutes to meditate. You can even visualize the life you want or the person you want to become. 

Take a moment to be mindful...

Sit and take in the world around you, look at shapes, colours, textures and hold no association so forget that a tree is called a tree, just enjoy the sight as if for the first time.

Before going to bed...

Take 2 hours away from your screen, read your book, meditate, feed your plants or take a long hot bath. Dedicate this time to yourself before sleeping.

Practice 3 Yoga classes (at least) a week...

Don't think you'll struggle with this one! Try to vary your practice, do active and slower, and also if you fancy it try some HIIT in the exercise area of your membership. It's one of the best ways to boost happy chemicals!


Your Affirmations...

I release the heavy burden of shame, guilt, self-judgment

and self-hatred 

I am the creator of my life

I am intelligent and capable of  creating my ideal world

My home is within

I let go of the pain I once felt

I release the grip of things I cannot change 

Self- judgment is a choice

I am beautiful and my body is a gift

Today, I choose to love myself so I can love others

I am loved

I am forgiven

I accept all that is and all that was

I am

I embrace the journey

I am grateful for the hardship for it has to lead

me down this path today.

I love and accept my family exactly how they are.

I let go of all that does not serve me.

My sense of self is anchored in my knowledge that I am worthy 

I am living in a constant state of peace, love and acceptance

I notice all the beauty in my journey

I am where I am meant to be

By doing my inner work I am able to serve not only myself but others

I accept all that is and I am excited to be here 

All that I need is within me

I resist the temptation to dwell on what wasn't

I am blessed to be a Mother and a Lover.

I am blessed to be female

I step away from resentment into FREEDOM

Qi Movement Meditation...

Music and Mantra for You...

I am light , I am brightAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 03:33

Yoga and Meditation for Dani...

Letting GoAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 10:39
Spiritual JourneyAlyssa Martyn
00:00 / 14:20


Find space, pop your fave tune on and DANCE like no-one is watching. Let yourself go, don't hold back, don't think, just let the music take over your body! Dance is MEDITATION and can help us shift thoughts and trapped emotions! 


Shake it out by Florence and The Machines


At the end of each week, I would like you to write down your small wins. I mentioned to you previously how important it is to celebrate the small wins and enjoy them for they are the stepping points to the big wins.

Throughout this journey, a small win might look like...

I said I love you. To my SELF and I feel it.

I am feeling good today, lighter and more energized.

I gave myself the time and space to slow down.


I feel a connection within and around

I met someone who could relate./ I had a very interesting conversation today.

I took time for myself today and it was LUSH.

I got some great feedback about my energy.


Your Type:


Pure life-force in motion, these people have an attracting aura and a juiciness to their energy. They are here to dance with life and engage their energy to move their community forward in a way that is meaningful to them. When they are doing what they love, people can’t get enough of them. They are also the natural hustlers and doers of society.

Common challenge: generators have to listen to their gut and honor their desires, rather than saying yes to things they feel they ‘should’ do. Because of their juicy energy, other people will want to use the generator’s energy for their own benefit. But generators have to be lit up and passionate about anything they engage their energy with otherwise they burn out – I tell generators that unless they feel it’s a hell yes, it should.

Your Human Design


Your Human Design Chart, also called a BodyGraph, is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your genetic design. ... Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.

Read more about Human Design here and below

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