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"It gets to be easy."

From Limitation to Liberation

From the age of eight right into my twenties, I was suffering from anxiety disorder, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, compulsive overeating and depression. I was also bullied at school for being gifted and shortly after was known for being the quiet girl because the trauma of being bullied impacted my social confidence and ability to be heard.

On top of this I was addicted to love from an early age because I was convinced I would be saved if I found a boyfriend.

Throughout this time, I tried different types of therapy but nothing seemed to work. I was in and out of the hospital appointments with physical ailments due to emotional trauma and stress.

Doctors recommended medicine to help my mental health but my intuition guided me elsewhere.

I felt the work had to come from within and so I was determined to heal myself naturally.

In my early adult life, I worked in theatre as an actor/singer in Londons’ West End and Internationally.  Being on stage was a form of medicine because singing helped regulate my nervous system and had me breathing properly, dance had me shifting energy and acting has me releasing emotions but the truth is the actor's lifestyle didn't cut it for my well-being or my bank account! 

I also felt called to do less pretending, playing roles and fitting into a box and more being, in my most authentic self.

Up until the age of 27, I played out the victim in my own movie. I was deeply imprinted with unhealthy patterns, plenty of trauma, disempowering behaviors, a bad belief system and a messed up nervous system.

From a very young age, I spent lots of time on my own with my feelings and because of that, my strength and self-love grew despite the struggle socially.

I always felt a deep pull to shine my light because I knew that despite the pain, it was still in there!  

After battling with mental ill-health for nineteen years, one morning I woke up and procalimed "Enough is enough!"

I deserved more. I felt it within. I felt my potential to live well and experience more pleasure in life.

So, I decided to dive deeper into self-exploration and my healing practice and here is where I claimed my power and let go of the old way.


I also left acting and surrendered completely. I  said "Universe! Come at me!" .

Suddenly I found myself feeling more aligned than ever and I felt GRATITUDE for everything, something that I had always struggled to feel. 


Completely renewed, I was excited to wake up each day.

Heck, I was a new human!

 After leaving the theatre world, I was guided to Rishikesh, India to train as a Yoga Teacher, and this was the beginning for me.


Now certified in a number of powerful modalities I combine spirituality, embodiment work, somatic healing, vocal and energy psychology in my mission is to help raise the vibration of the collective so we can thrive together in full expression with confidence.

In addition to mentoring and coaching lovely humans who are making waves in the world, I love skateboarding, traveling, singing, dancing and songwriting. 


I came out of a real dark place and found personal freedom in every aspect of my life and it's my mission to help tons of people do the same.

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